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All of our designs are upcycled from high quality, vintage silk saris.

Upcycled Silk Genki Trousers

The majority of the world's fashion industry is created by the mass production of cheap fabrics, that is both damaging to the environment, public health and uses exploitative practices in forced human labour. At GENKI we stand against this, and want to celebrate off the beautiful fabrics the world already has, by upcycling them, into new styles. 


From our fabrics, to our manufacturing and packaging.

Genki Silk Wrap Top

We ensure every step of GENKI is kind to our planet. Not only are we an environmentally-conscious brand, but socially conscious too. We source our fabrics from small, family-run businesses in India, supporting local, slow production. We have an amazing network of designers, tailors, factories and suppliers forming our transparent, tightly-knitted supply chain founded on mutual respect and love of beautiful, high-quality fabric. Once finished, our completely unique, upcycled pieces are posted out to you in compostable packing. We encourage you to continue this process by caring for your garment with all the love that was taken to produce it. 


We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

We work with independent tailors and fabric traders in Rajasthan, India. We believe in absolute transparency in production and have personal relationships with everyone in the production of Genki clothing. From the families who sell us the recycled fabrics to the independent tailors who make the clothes. Our supply line is simple, personal and transparent with every item handmade with love. 

Silk Genki Scarf


Our compostable packaging is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. Once finished with these bags, you can put these straight in your home compost, or in your food waste recycling collection bin for planet-friendly disposal!

Thank yous


Virendra Singh, Kamal Parashar & Babu Sharma


Lydia Harrison


Isabella Culver, Franklin Dawson, Ranya El-Refaey, Laura Moon, Hardy Nyirenda, Frankie Rechere & Joshan Chana

Genki Biodegradable Packaging

Compostable, bio-degradable, planet-friendly!

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