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Sustainable Brands Who Use Recycled & Post-Consumer Waste To Make Beautiful New Products

This article posted by Sustainably Chic introduced me to so many interesting brands, and different ways fashion can be sustainable. From amazing companies/designers such as Allégorie using discarded mango and apple peels to make books, to Thought making tights from recycled plastic bottles, to Tonlé whose designs both create patterns that use up all (or as much as possible) fabric within the design to minimise waste & create their clothing from upcycled materials.

It's such an inspiring time for fashion and there are so many brands that I want to celebrate and shout about. Reading this blog post got me to thinking... part of creating a sustainable fashion world lies in the brands supporting one another and shouting about each other. If we work in the previous model in a hyper-competitive way, as capitalist structures often encourage us to be, then it's too hard to create meaningful dialogue, and push the sustainable fashion dialogue into the mainstream. We must stand together, and strengthen our intentions through collaboration. Sustainable fashion can't be the niche, it must become the predominant, and eventually only way of creating clothing. For our environment & global makers alike. So with that in mind, I will be promoting lots of other brands, designers and sustainable fashion bloggers to commit to my part in pushing the dialogue further and kickstarting positive conversations.

If you're one of these things, or just want to get in touch, please email us. Have a read of some amazing other brands on this blog post:


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