The beauty of buying upcycled fabrics is that every item has a history. This is what we find beautiful about it at GENKI. But because they have a history, sometimes that is told on the fabrics. You might find a small marking on the sari fabric, that would have occurred before they were upcycled into GENKI clothing. We will never sell you something with a huge mark, it will only be something you might notice on very close inspection.

But just like a human face, where the imperfections make us unique and special, we feel this same idea is true of the charm of upcycled fabric.


With the anti-fast fashion movement, we encourage people to see fabric with a story as an asset, not a detriment. Do let us know your thoughts on this, we'd love to have this conversation with our GENKI customers. And together push out the true value of the clothing we own; the ethics of the production, the human connections, the integral quality of the fabric and the individualism of each piece.