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My love for silks started when I was little, when I used to visit my French granny. I would spend hours delving into her dressing up box, her vintage clothes throughout the ages. I fascinated in the vintage fabrics, the mesmerising patterns and the delicacy of the silk she wore. I wanted some of my own, so she bought me some silk vests, teaching me how amazingly silk keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


As I got older and I went to buy clothes for myself, I was disappointed that nothing I could afford was nearly so vibrant or unique to choose as her wardrobe. Still, my love of fashion did not subside, but over time I became acutely aware of the damage the fast fashion industry has on the environment, and mixed feelings about my love for clothes.

I started to think about starting my own ethical label but wasn’t initially sure how… so imagine my delight when I discovered the clothes I designed could be made from recycled silk saris, directly from the producer. I began working with a different families of tailors and fabric sourcers in Rajathan, India and found that I could not only ensure the production was environmentally sound, but also Fairtrade, supporting small business, and independent tailors.

The transparency in production of making Genki clothes, made me realise how we hardly know where any of our other clothes come from, or how they


were made. It also myth-busted a lot of what I presumed about ethical fashion… I thought it would be painfully expensive and compromising in style. I now know that by cutting out the middleman and working directly with people, Genki can keep costs low for all of you. And in terms of compromising in style, I hope you’ll agree, we proved that not to be true.

We’re a small start-up business and are always developing so do get in contact with feedback and reflections, we’d love to hear from you. Please join us on the anti-fast fashion rebellion, and look great while doing so.”

Camille Dawson, Founder of Genki Designs

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